We will teach you how to create mobile applications without experience in IT, on No-code FlutterFlow, with further employment
Our main goal is to replenish our team with developers!
Recommendation from FF
Mentors are developers with extensive experience, the goal of a mentor is to be able to take you to his team. Where you will do commercial projects for which they are responsible.
FlutterFlow Deep Learning
We teach how to build the right architecture, solve problems so that they do not use code.
Opportunity to earn for the 2nd month of study
If you are assiduous and diligent, in the second month you will get into the team of your mentor. If the mentor does not have to redo your work, you will pay off your training and start earning.
Orders from all over the world
Geography of our clients USA, Australia, Dubai, South Africa, CIS. Projects are in the queue for development, so once you get into the team, you will definitely not be left without work.
Support after training
When conducting personal commercial projects, you can ask for help. Opportunity to collaborate with our studio in development.
Why we have the best offer on the market no training code
Why Flutter Flow?
Ability to create any application
You can build any fully functional applications on FlutterFlow - online stores, medical and banking applications, instant messengers and other projects.
Source code available
When building a project, the code can be uploaded, edited, and automatically exported to GitHub. You get a full-fledged application, not a stub, which, if the application is successful, will hit the ceiling of the designer's capabilities.
Firebase integration
This is the environment where the backend runs and the application database is stored. Up to 5 GB and 50,000 hits per day for free. And most importantly, just learn how to work.
Faster than code
It is 10 times faster to create an application on FlutterFlow than with programmers.
There are app and item templates
The constructor provides templates for instant messengers, task planners, health apps, and social networks. Templates for widgets and entire screens are available - for example, baskets and authorizations
Our advantages
Online learning
We provide all materials online with which you can study at any time convenient for you.
Future prospects
FlutterFlow is a new generation platform, so the demand for it is growing every day! To date, companies such as BMW, Betterment, and Sonos are already using FlutterFlow in their application development.
Individual approach
In the course of training, each student will be able to receive feedback from his mentor, as we have a limited number of places
Practical tasks
Practice in our case will have a main focus in order to consolidate the knowledge of students
At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of successful completion of the course and grow further
Course Mentors
  • Vasilliy Yashkin
    No code developer

    • No coder of the development team at WLFF
    • Participated in 3 projects of the company, and is also engaged in the overall development of the company
  • Erkebulan Zhappar
    Nocode developer
    • Passed personal training FlutterFlow
    • Team Lead of the development team at WLFF
    • Participated in 3 projects of the company, and is also engaged in the overall development of the company
Mini course
  • 20+ Pre-recorded video lessons
  • Convenient learning
  • QA sessions once a week
  • 1 project in the portfolio
  • Access to company video materials
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  • 40+ Pre-recorded video lessons
  • Convenient learning
  • Access to a private Discord channel
  • Community chat support
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  • Convenient learning
  • Personal mentor
  • Development of a personal project
  • Opportunity to join the development team
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Students Reviews
  • Sargis Sargsyan
    In a short time of learning, he taught me how to create a mobile application on Flutterflow. The instructor explains each tool very clearly with real examples. which allowed me, a person without experience in the IT field, to easily understand and apply the knowledge gained. I started the course on FlutterFlow with great doubt, but the first lesson showed that I had doubts in vain. I am more than satisfied with the result, I can’t even believe the result achieved. Special thanks to the teacher Dias for his high professionalism.
  • Dinara Zhumasheva
    I am a graphic designer and decided to expand my skills by learning no-code programming. I was immediately recommended to learn from Diaz, because. he is a good professional
    in developing applications on the FlutterFlow service. During the training, I was able to assemble a marketplace application. I figured out how the backend settings work. At the moment I continue to master FlutterFlow, and it is very exciting. Thanks to Diaz for the knowledge and for the responsiveness!
  • Imangali Zhumagali
    During my training, I created a marketplace of various establishments and restaurants. It took me a couple of weeks as flutterflow makes it a lot easier to create such complex applications. I am very pleased with my result as I can now create my own applications quickly.
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