Country: Ukraine

Niche: Fitness

An app that helps fitness trainers keep track of their clients in one place. The client part is available separately for trainers, separately for their clients.

Medtop Spotlight

Country: Germany

Niche: Medicine

Application for evaluating nominees for the Medtop Awards.

The application has an Administrator and about 15 juries.

The administrator does almost everything - both registering the jury in the application and uploading the applications of the nominees.


Country: Kazakhstan

Niche: Car wash

An application that helps car owners sign up for a car wash

Labib Lawyers

A lawyer in your pocket!

Get your legal advice mobile app now. Simple 3-min steps.

Quick access.

Reach out a selection of lawyers and consultants.

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Jurta App

"Jurta" by "Showcase" - an application for a quick purchase and sale of real estate.

"Jurta" by "Showcase" - easy and safe real estate transactions.

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Connected Home

Connected Home is a unique concept of an affordable smart home that provides security, resource conservation and comfort in your homes through smart IoT devices, while at the same time creating a smart ecosystem of a resident, using various services in a mobile application. The app ensures safety with the help of smart motion sensors, leakage, fire and door opening. Method of tracking electricity and water costs helps to save your resources. And voice control, opening curtains and controlling TV and air conditioning will allow you to enjoy spending time at home.

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Testing for staff

Lili CRM

Lili CRM system developed for Lili jewelry store
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