Data logistic. Infosum

The importance of data security in today's business world, comparing data to oil and noting that data is more easily transferable and can be too easily accessible to those who should not have access to it. It introduces Infosum, a company that provides a solution to data security by allowing users to share data without transmitting it. The data is stored in decentralized and secure repositories, and the service does not have access to the source data. Access to the repositories is controlled by different access rights for different users, and the data is normalized, meaning it is brought to a single scheme that allows for uniform processing rules, independent of the source of the data. Additionally, a system of restrictions is imposed on the data to prevent personal information from being shared.
The startup called Infosum, which specializes in data logistics and decentralized storage. The company aims to make the process of buying and selling big data faster and more efficient by normalizing the data and imposing restrictions to protect personal information. The article highlights how the company is capitalizing on the growing need for effective ways to process big data and the increasing use of decentralization in the industry. The company acts as an intermediary in a market with existing demand, making it easier for sellers to sell their data and for buyers to purchase it. The use of flutter bootcamp, flutterflow fintech can be used in their services.
In summary, before building a data logistics system, it's important to conduct research on existing companies in the field, including the types of data they collect, where they obtain it, and the cost and process of processing it. Identifying potential sellers and buyers and negotiating with them before building the system can also be beneficial. Additionally, focusing on the legal compliance and security of personal data is crucial. The goal is to create a system that addresses the needs and pain points of both sellers and buyers in a profitable and efficient manner.