Offered: Streamlining Job Search with AI-Powered Platform

Streamlining Job Search with Offered: A Game-Changing AI-Powered Platform

Offered is a revolutionary startup that introduces a cutting-edge AI-powered platform to redefine the way job seekers find employment. With its efficient and streamlined approach, Offered simplifies the job search process, allowing candidates to connect with relevant opportunities faster and easier than ever before.

Save Time and Effort with AI Technology

Offered harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to provide job seekers with personalized and accurate results. By spending just 8 minutes answering an in-depth questionnaire and uploading their resumes, candidates create a comprehensive profile that reflects their skills, personality traits, and preferences.

AI-Personalized Job Recommendations

Based on the candidate's profile, Offered's AI engine instantly generates a tailored list of job openings from its extensive internal database. This database is continuously updated through automated data gathering from various reputable sources, including job boards, company websites, and classified ads.

Effortless Application Process

Offered eliminates the painstaking task of individually applying to numerous job postings. With a simple click, candidates can express interest in multiple job opportunities, as the platform automatically sends personalized applications to relevant employers. Each application is carefully crafted to include specific details, such as job titles and company names, emphasizing the candidate's qualifications that match the employer's requirements.

Optimize Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile

Offered's AI-powered system provides valuable recommendations to enhance candidates' resumes and LinkedIn profiles. Get expert advice on rephrasing, content removal, or addition to make your application materials stand out in a competitive job market.

Expert Assistance and Coaching

For candidates seeking additional guidance, Offered offers specialized services, including resume creation and access to career coaches and negotiation trainers. Although communication is primarily conducted through text-based messaging, expert specialists are available to provide personalized support and address any complex or unique queries.

Cost-Effective and Success-Based Fee Structure

Enjoy the benefits of Offered's services without any upfront costs. Candidates only pay a fee equivalent to 2.2% of the base annual salary when they accept a job offer facilitated through the platform. Flexible payment plans, spanning from 6 to 36 months, are available to accommodate individual circumstances.

Impressive Results and Continuous Improvement

With over 65,000 job openings already available on the platform and more being added regularly, Offered has garnered a dedicated user base. Users have successfully submitted over 100,000 applications, and the average candidate has saved 20 hours per week by leveraging Offered's time-saving features.
As a game-changing startup in the job search industry, Offered revolutionizes the way candidates find their dream jobs. By harnessing the power of AI technology, the platform provides personalized job recommendations, streamlines the application process, and offers expert assistance—all with a success-based fee structure. Embrace Offered's innovative approach to accelerate your job search journey and secure the career opportunities you deserve.