Zappi. Use AI for your business

Zappi is a company that conducts marketing research for other businesses and promises to predict the effectiveness of created ads before the advertising campaign is launched. They claim to conduct research and provide a report for $2,000 and within 6 hours, by using a combination of live surveys, their own AI algorithms and a large database of previous campaigns with known results. This approach allows for a smaller number of surveys, fast data processing and comparable results to traditional research methods.

Zappi is a company that offers marketing research for businesses, promising to predict the effectiveness of created advertising before the launch of an advertising campaign. They use a combined approach that includes a) surveys of live people and b) using their own AI algorithms that use c) a large database of known effective advertising campaigns. They also offer the ability for brands to test new product ideas by testing the effectiveness of advertising for non-created products. They have 350 global brand clients and had a revenue of 50 million dollars last year, growing at 30% annually. They have also recently attracted 170 million dollars in investments.

Pre-testing and research can only give accurate results if the "limited circle of devoted fans" is representative enough of the larger audience. However, in mass cases, it is difficult to maintain a representative audience manually for testing. The solution is using AI to constantly compare results from a limited and full audience and automatically adjust predictions to account for any discrepancies. As a result, platforms for the creative economy will need AI and should be designed similarly to Zappi.