Pearpop is a marketplace that connects bloggers with brands

Pearpop is a marketplace that connects bloggers with brands looking to promote their products through social media such as TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram. The platform sets itself apart by using a "challenge" system where brands can create a challenge that outlines the social media platform, format, budget, and additional rules for bloggers to follow when creating content. Bloggers are free to choose which challenges they want to participate in and can see detailed statistics on the performance of their content. The startup has raised $18 million in investments and has a valuation of $300 million. Well-known brands like Amazon Video, Tinder, Netflix, and Universal are among the advertisers using the platform.
In less than two years of operation, advertisers have already paid out more than $7 million to more than 100,000 bloggers. The platform has been referred to as the "Airbnb of the creative economy" as it makes it much easier for brands to interact with bloggers in advertising. The founder of the startup claims that 71% of the money passed through the platform was paid to bloggers with a small number of subscribers by Western standards, up to 1 million. Pearpop has also decided to expand to the level of micro-bloggers, including ordinary people with a small circle of followers, by launching a new product called Ovation, which allows them to advertise a brand in their circle of contacts and earn money from it.
Pearpop is a platform that addresses the problem of expensive advertising in traditional channels by connecting brands with bloggers on social media platforms. The platform simplifies the process of working with small and medium bloggers by using a "challenge" system that allows brands to create campaigns and set parameters for the content that bloggers create. By working with a larger number of small bloggers, brands can expand their reach and target specific segments of the audience. The platform has proven to be successful, with advertisers paying out more than $7 million to over 100,000 bloggers, making it a viable option for replication in other markets with a similar landscape of advertisers and small bloggers.