Blow up the education market. ChatGPT

Personal AI has created its own version of a dialog AI called GGT-1 (Generative Grounded Transformer). Unlike other AI models such as ChatGPT, which is trained on a large amount of diverse data, GGT-1 is specifically trained on the personal data of its owner, making it a reflection of their knowledge and opinions. The startup aims to use this personalized approach to make the AI more relatable and useful for its owner.
Personal AI offers an AI-powered personal assistant that can help users keep track of their thoughts, tasks and events. It can also provide personalized responses based on the user's data, making it an alternative to note-taking services like Notion. The AI-machine improves with each clarification and evaluation, making it more tailored to the user's thought process, style and character.
The advancements in Personal AI technology, specifically the development of AI-powered chat bots that can communicate on behalf of the user. The first use case presented is the ability to redirect messages to an AI-powered auto-responder that can generate responses for the user, and the second use case is the integration of an AI-powered chat bot to answer frequently asked questions on a website. These new developments will make communication more efficient and save time for the user.

The development of Personal AI and the shift from personal AI assistants to AI chatbots that can communicate on behalf of the user. The article suggests two ways to implement this approach; using the AI chatbot for communicating with people or answering questions that the user doesn't want to spend time on, and using the AI chatbot to replace the "Frequently Asked Questions" section on a website. The possibility of using AI chatbots to generate drafts of responses for the user to review and edit before sending, and notes that this can also be used in the field of education.

The most practical and profitable use for AI-duplicate technology is in the education field. It can be used as a tool for teachers to repeat and explain material without the need for them to do it constantly, allowing them to focus on more important tasks. While many people understand the potential of AI, not everyone sees the potential applications for it.