SparkLab by inDrive

WeLoveFlutterFlow teaches students how to create apps without writing any code. We work with SparkLab to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to build their apps. In addition to teaching, we also act as tech advisers for these students, helping them to navigate the complex world of app development. Together with the students, we are also working on building an app that aims to promote environmental conservation and keep the environment clean.
Sparklab is a project-based educational laboratory focusing on creating projects that improve people's lives. Its mission is to engage motivated and capable young people, to give them advanced knowledge and skills, and to develop and test new technologies and solutions for improving the world.

Sparklab welcomes talented and motivated students from universities of all disciplines. In their laboratory, students have the chance to start a prestigious career from not only their student seat but also the chance to spend their time interesting and gaining professional experience.

The laboratory focuses on various themes such as Green City, Waste Processing, Clean Air, Automotive Roadways, Clean Water bodies, No More Garbage, Natural Fires and more.

The advantages of Sparklab include real-life experience, real-world projects and real results. It also provides an opportunity for students to build a prototype and have the chance to test it in real-world scenarios.

The goal of Sparklab is to improve the world through innovation and technology by supporting and inspiring the next generation of innovative thinkers and doers.