A new word for the price of 527 billion. Oneleaf

Oneleaf is a mental health app that uses self-hypnosis to help people overcome stress, sleep better, build confidence, lose weight, and quit smoking. It is different from other mental health services, which are mostly meditation apps or platforms for therapy sessions with psychologists and psychotherapists. Self-hypnosis is a state in which a person becomes more receptive to other ideas and commands, sometimes to the point of complete submission, often unconsciously. About 3 out of 4 people can be hypnotized, including self-hypnosis. Oneleaf offers a trial period during which users can determine their susceptibility to hypnosis.
Oneleaf is a French startup founded in 2022 that offers online mental health programs with a mission to "help billions of people feel better every day." The cost of participation in a program is a one-time payment of $42 or a yearly subscription of $68. The startup recently raised its first round of investments worth 4.2 million euros and aims to reach 10 thousand monthly downloads of the app. The mental health market is large and growing, worth 382 billion dollars in 2020 and expected to reach 527 billion by 2030, with several billion-dollar companies and smaller applications already present.
The startup Oneleaf is targeting the mental health market, which was valued at $382 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow to $527 billion by 2030. It aims to stand out from other meditation applications by using the term "self-hypnosis" instead of "meditation." This strategy takes advantage of the desire for something new among people, even if it is just a different term for similar techniques. By targeting a large market, Oneleaf has the potential to attract a significant number of users and generate significant revenue, even if it is not the market leader. The startup's goal is to reach 10 thousand app downloads per month.
In summary, entering a large market like mental health, but with a different approach, such as "self-hypnosis", can be a way to stand out and be profitable. It's important to test the idea by targeting customers of competitor products, as this is the only way to make a truly competitive product. Finally, coming up with a new word for an old solution can also help position oneself differently from competitors and create a unique brand.