CircleIt is an application that works like a time capsule.

CircleIt is a time capsule app that allows users to connect with family and friends and store various types of content (physical gifts, text messages, postcards, photos, videos, texts, voice messages) to be delivered at a specified time in the future. As of the review, the app had 500,000 downloads from 150 countries.
The CircleIt app, which allows users to create and share time capsules with family and friends, has raised $17 million in funding. One potential reason for this is the potential for long-term engagement and viral growth, as users may continue to share capsules with new people and generate a cycle of use that could last for decades. Additionally, the app has the potential to expand into a family of related products, such as a will service, which could generate additional revenue streams.
It is possible to launch a similar service as CircleIt. However, it may be difficult to convince investors and users without clear evidence of long-term sustainability, such as long-term server rental agreements or partnerships with large, reputable companies. Additionally, it may be beneficial to include additional features, such as the ability to tie deliveries to specific events rather than just a date.