Organize your business processes. Sameplan

The challenges faced in preparing test demonstrations and pilot implementations in B2B sales of complex and expensive products. Many people from both the seller's side (sales, IT, and legal) and the potential customer's side (internal lobbyists, LPR, user representatives, IT, and legal) are involved in the process. The salesman responsible for the project acts as a project manager, trying to coordinate and understand the various aspects of the project. Sameplan is introduced as a solution to this problem, by providing a single point of entry for information and control of the project preparation plan, stakeholders, resources, tasks, and timeline, instead of relying on emails, excels, and messages in messengers.
Three strategies for improving the efficiency of the sales process for complex and expensive products. The first strategy is to focus on improving the efficiency of the sales process, as sales is a lucrative topic and people are willing to invest in related tools. The second strategy is to target the segment of complex and expensive sales, where there is significant potential for earning. This means investing more in tools that aid this process. The third strategy is to identify similarities in the sales process and simplify them using tools that are commonly used by project managers, making them more accessible to non-experts.
The importance of understanding the shifts happening in B2B sales following the pandemic, as many processes have moved online. It suggests communicating with those involved in B2B sales or observing the process firsthand in order to identify new opportunities that have arisen as a result of these changes. It also mentions that before the pandemic, B2B sales were mostly based on personal negotiations, but now new opportunities have emerged as a result of the shift to online sales.