Learning NO-CODE Development from FlutterFlow Experts
Our team is an official FlutterFlow ambassador, and each of our mentors has completed more than 5 projects, which has helped to solidify the entire training program.
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Each of our students has completed at least 1 commercial project, joined our team, launched their own startup, or been invited to work for another company.
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Turn your passion into a profession with our mobile app development course on FlutterFlow!
Education with the use of advanced technologies, experienced teachers, and an individual approach to achieve success in the world of application development.
Study with Experts
Experienced teachers with practical experience in mobile application development, ready to share their knowledge and best practices.
New Technologies
  1. Education using modern and in-demand technologies such as Flutter, Dart, and FlutterFlow, allowing you to stay up-to-date and prepared to tackle tasks on real projects.
FlutterFlow Ambassador Program
Get recognition for your expertise, access exclusive materials, and the opportunity to expand your professional network.
Master mobile development and create your own application with our intensive course!
Learn the latest technologies, improve your project management and design skills, and take the first step towards success in the field of mobile applications.
  • A practical course with real-life cases.
    Learn to solve real-world problems, complete practical exercises, and work on your own project from the very beginning of your training.
  • Comprehensive skill development.
    Master the fundamentals of mobile application development and project management to become a valuable professional in the job market.
  • A course for everyone.
    The educational program is suitable for people without programming knowledge, novice developers, experienced programmers, professionals from related fields, and entrepreneurs who want to understand the application development process.
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Social Network Mobile Application
Kickstart Your Journey into Mobile App Development
Explore the dynamic world of mobile apps with our comprehensive development course. Designed for beginners and intermediate learners, we provide hands-on experience in creating and enhancing app functionality. Learn essentials from user onboarding, secure sign-ins, data manipulation, to the creation of interactive components and actions. Grasp logical programming with conditional actions, and delve into the engaging realm of social media functionalities. Master intuitive search features and end your journey with crucial knowledge of app testing and debugging. Don't just learn, build with us, and leap into the digital future!
Free Lessons
$30 - $100+
Avg. salary per hour
FlutterFlow Developer's Salary
$30 - $75+
$25 - $100+
$50 - $200+
Who is our course for?
  • Entrepreneurs and managers.
    Those interested in developing their products.
  • Experienced programmers.
    Those who want to expand their range of competencies.
  • Novice developers.
    Those who want to master development.
  • People
    Those who want to understand the process of application development.
  • Sargis Sargsyan
    In a short period of time, he taught me how to create a mobile application on FlutterFlow. The mentor explains each tool very clearly with real examples, which allowed me, as a person without experience in the IT field, to easily understand and apply the knowledge gained. I started the FlutterFlow course with big doubts, but the first lesson showed that the doubts were unfounded. I am extremely satisfied with the result, and I can hardly believe the achieved outcome. Special thanks to the instructor Dias for his high professionalism.
  • Dinara Zhumasheva
    I am a graphic designer and decided to expand my skills by learning no-code programming. I was immediately recommended to learn from Dias because he is a good professional in developing applications on the FlutterFlow service. During the training, I was able to build an application for a marketplace. I understood how the backend settings work. Currently, I am continuing to learn FlutterFlow, and it is very exciting. Thanks to Dias for the knowledge and responsiveness!
  • Imangali Zhumagali
    During the course, I created a marketplace for various establishments and restaurants. It took me only a couple of weeks because FlutterFlow significantly simplifies the creation of such complex applications. I am very satisfied with my result because now I can quickly create my own applications.
Get inspired by our students who WERE INVITED TO
Google for Startups
Reviews from our students.
Discover how our students are successfully mastering application development with FlutterFlow.
    Our mentors are highly qualified experts in the field of development, possessing:
    • Rich work experience.
      Experience working on real projects in leading companies and startups, which guarantees the relevance and practical orientation of the knowledge transferred.
    • Teaching experience and skills in effective learning.
      These skills allow them to communicate complex concepts in an accessible and understandable way.
    • Certification.
      They hold certifications such as Google Developer Expert and FlutterFlow Ambassador, confirming their professional competencies.
    • Active participation in the professional community of developers.
      This promotes constant exchange of experiences, updating knowledge, and keeping up with current trends in the field of mobile development.
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