We offer a unique and effective approach to learning that will help you master application development and become a successful professional in this field.
Our students receive only the best!
  • FlutterFlow Ambassador Program
    After completing the course, each student will be eligible to participate in the FlutterFlow Ambassador Program Certification.
  • Paid internship.
    Our goal is to provide each student with the opportunity to participate in a real commercial project and receive payment for their work.
  • Employment opportunities at WLFF.
    The best students will have the opportunity to join the WeLoveFlutterFlow team.
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What will students receive during the course?
FlutterFlow Ambassador Program Certification
Recognition of expertise:
Certification from the FlutterFlow Ambassador Program confirms your high level of knowledge and skills in developing mobile applications using FlutterFlow, making you more in demand in the job market.
Professional development:
Certification provides access to exclusive educational materials, webinars, and events that will help you deepen your expertise and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in application development.
Expanding professional network
Expanding your professional network: Joining the FlutterFlow Ambassador Program Certification opens up opportunities to communicate and collaborate with other professionals in the field of app development, which can lead to new interesting projects and opportunities.
Distinguished status
The certificate from the FlutterFlow Ambassador Program distinguishes you among other developers, which can attract the attention of employers and clients, providing additional opportunities for career growth.
The opportunity to influence the future of the platform.
As a certified specialist, you have the opportunity to influence the development and improvement of FlutterFlow by sharing your experience and ideas with the development team and other community members.
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$30 - $100+
Avg. salary per hour
FlutterFlow Developer's Salary
$30 - $75+
$25 - $100+
$50 - $200+
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See how our students have applied the knowledge and skills they have gained to create successful projects and advance their careers in mobile app development.
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