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FlutterFlow Developer @WeLoveFlutterFlow / Medical Student
My name is Anton, and I am a student at a medical university. I never liked medicine and was always interested in development. Once, accidentally stumbling upon the FlutterFlow website, I was amazed at the opportunities it offered. So I started learning everything related to this platform, watching many video tutorials on YouTube and trying to figure it out on my own. The most useful tutorials for me turned out to be from WeLoveFlutterFlow. When I learned that they have a course that offers the possibility of employment after completing the training, I couldn't miss this opportunity.

After two months of hard work and constant assistance from my mentor Erkebulan, I was ready to start my first project. I worked hard, and after 1.5 months, I was able to successfully complete it and publish it in the AppStore and GooglePlay. It was an indescribable experience and an incredible result, behind which stood my hard work, perseverance, and the support of colleagues.

Now WeLoveFlutterFlow has employed me in a startup where I create a cool product and receive $1200 per month. I enjoy the development process and get great satisfaction from the fact that my work brings benefits to people. If someone had told me earlier that I would do what I love and get paid for it, I wouldn't have believed it. But now I know that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and aren't afraid to take risks.

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Google for Startups
  • Sargis Sargsyan
    In a short period of time, he taught me how to create a mobile application on FlutterFlow. The mentor explains each tool very clearly with real examples, which allowed me, as a person without experience in the IT field, to easily understand and apply the knowledge gained. I started the FlutterFlow course with big doubts, but the first lesson showed that the doubts were unfounded. I am extremely satisfied with the result, and I can hardly believe the achieved outcome. Special thanks to the instructor Dias for his high professionalism.
  • Dinara Zhumasheva
    I am a graphic designer and decided to expand my skills by learning no-code programming. I was immediately recommended to learn from Dias because he is a good professional in developing applications on the FlutterFlow service. During the training, I was able to build an application for a marketplace. I understood how the backend settings work. Currently, I am continuing to learn FlutterFlow, and it is very exciting. Thanks to Dias for the knowledge and responsiveness!
  • Imangali Zhumagali
    During the course, I created a marketplace for various establishments and restaurants. It took me only a couple of weeks because FlutterFlow significantly simplifies the creation of such complex applications. I am very satisfied with my result because now I can quickly create my own applications.
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Interested in our courses and mentorship?
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